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Plagiarism seems to be a disease plaguing Indians a lot :(

May 5, 2013

This was intended to be sent to a select group of people but I guessed it’s good to post it in my blog too. This is mainly aimed at students since the most rampant instance of plagiarism I’ve seen is in the case of assignments.

In the recently concluded Round 1B of Google Code Jam(I am assuming so since the post was made just after the conclusion of the round), some Indian participants were found to have copied solutions from others[1]. Someone also posted a side-by-side comparison of three code samples[2] and it’s pretty clear that they are identical copies.
Of course, plagiarism isn’t something new to India in general – there are documented cases of academic plagiarism in India[3], including a case where another university plagiarized original research carried out by my alma mater[4][5]. And who can forget about the numerous Indian computer security “experts” such as Ankit Fadia and the likes[6-17]. You don’t have to read [6-17[ but I would recommend that you read Varrun’s awesome dissection of Ankit Fadia on Quora[18](which also refers to [6]).
It’s sad that many people resort to cheating and plagiarism, thus depriving themselves of a wonderful learning experience as well as many other things[19]. Many universities have detailed policies on cheating(not just scientific literature but even assignments and projects) such as Carnegie Mellon[20] and Harvard[21].
It’s true Indian universities don’t really enforce the policy for assignments and projects well but it should come from within us. We must understand the copying assignments from others is of no use to us since we lose out on a learning that would have been possible. I urge you all to avoid plagiarizing content from your peers and set an example to all those who copy assignments that it affects them adversely! You have come to the university, paying lakhs of rupees as fees, to study and not to take shortcuts by copying. Please do keep that in mind!
[15] copied the entire website of another company but forgot to remove references to the latter)

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