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CSAW CTF: Reversing 100

October 1, 2012

Binary available at

We’re given a PE32 executable file. On executing it, it displays some encrypted key. So basically, the program encrypts the key and we(or something else :P) should decrypt it.

Pop it into IDA. On seeing the disassembly of main, we see something interesting:

lea eax, [ebp+var_18]
push eax
call encrypt

The more hardcore(and difficult) way of doing it would be to reverse engineer the encrypt method(it’s easy if you have hexrays probably) but I did something far easier.

I noticed a method decrypt was also defined in the binary which should be able to decrypt it. So, I modified the call above to

call decrypt

with the help of Olly, using the memory location available from IDA and voila! We get the flag “welcome_to_csaw”!


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