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Securit 2012: Amrita’s first international conference on security of internet of things

May 10, 2012

Amrita University is organizing the first international conference on security of internet of things in August 2012. With the advent of Internet of Things, there have been significant advances in the areas of computing, communication and control systems. The magnitude and impact of Internet of Things touches every aspect of human life as never before. The cars we drive, the planes in which we fly, and the trains we travel have hundreds of vulnerable networked embedded computers. New security threats have emerged with growth of cloud computing, smart phones, internet enabled medical devices and smart energy control systems. Tackling new security threats and preserving societal concord requires experts to rapidly develop “defend & repair” techniques. Furthermore, there is a need for holistic approaches to anchor integrating technical solutions in economics & social bases. SecureIT, the first international conference on ‘Security of Internet of Things’ aims to bring together researchers, practitioners & “ethical hackers” for disseminating latest advances & security, best practices in cloud computing, mobile networks & cyber-physical control systems.

Objectives of the Conference

SecurIT 2012 conference invites professionals from industry verticals such as security solutions companies, automobile, mobile and wireless companies and academicians from universities and research labs to participate and contribute towards:

  • Providing concrete instances of systems where security is essential
  • Providing threat models, mitigate risks, and provide ways to defending the Internet of Thing systems
  • Establishing a “security test bed cloud” for Internet of Things industry

Theory, Practice, and Case Studies in Security, Privacy and Trust of:

  • Cyber-physical/networked Embedded Systems
  • Machine to Machine Networks(M2M networks)
  • Mobile Apps
  • Wireless Networks
  • Energy, Water and Nuclear resources, Smart Grid SCADA systems
  • Sensor Networks : Home Area Networks, Campus Area Networks, Body Area Networks, Metropolitan Area Networks
  • Medical Devices
  • Control Systems : Flight Control Systems, Train Control Systems, Industrial Automation Systems
  • Automotive Systems and Networks
  • Smart Cities
  • Near Field Communication Systems
  • RFID

Broader Issues in Internet of Things:

  • Threat Models and Attack Trees
  • Compliance, Standardization and Regulation
  • Impact of Internet of Things in Cloud Security
  • Impact of Big Data Analytics on Privacy
  • Denial of Service Attacks
  • Identity Management
  • Security, Privacy, and Trust in M2M Social Networks

For more details, visit the website. You can also get updates from Facebook and Twitter. See you at the conference hopefully!


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