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Interesting problems in today’s world

April 21, 2012

Recently I’ve started thinking about various problems that exist today which next generation should probably think of solving.

1. Improve the education system in India.
2. Improve computer security status in India.

Do you have any more suggestions(even to add to the list above)? If so, leave a comment! Thanks!

PS: I might ask for clarifications so do subscribe to the post so that you will get the comments delivered to inbox. Or I’ll email you if that’s what you prefer(I’d like it if it were discussed here for others to you but whatever suits you). Thanks!

EDIT: I’m not too sure if I can think of solutions to them-I’m more into engineering, computer science and engineering education and love to work on problems in these areas.

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  1. Kishor K P permalink

    1. Improve the education system in India.
    Persons with real raw intelligence are loosing out to people trained in the institutes.
    Gone are the days where IITs were really good with raw intelligence. Now a days, IITs are not that good and not upto the mark in comparision to the predecessors (alumini).

    The exams should be set so as to make the persons think instead of asking them to write the already proved theorems atleast the application questions
    Two more issues that needs attention at all times:
    3. Violence of various forms has become more. Even this needs to be addressed.
    4. Corruption at all levels and Capitalism which is influencing the corruption to survive.

  2. How can you forget women empowerement ? and another issue that we don’t bother to mind is the Left wing extremism which is just as dangerous as terrorism !
    I’ll follow up in the comments if anything else comes to my mind !

  3. Franklin Paul permalink

    Hi, some of the problems that I find interesting are:
    a) Disposal of Nuclear Waste. If we plan to create mess in the house, we better find ways to clear it properly rather than shove it under the carpet and pretend No-see.
    b) Creating trustworthy Artificial Intelligence. Heck, who doesn’t want a Robo-Butler?
    c) Interstellar Travel. The known Universe is Mindbogglingly Vast and the possibility of finding worlds out there with both Intelligence and Resources is quite frankly Real. So being able to create and manipulate Wormholes through which we may Visit or even Migrate seems a cool thing to aspire to.
    d) Longevity. Ageing to death sucks! Yeah, a lot many people wanna learn and do a lot many things for which 80 odd years may just not cut it. Research in Genetics may help? (This obviously entails problems of Over-Population and depletion of scarce of Resources. Just think Wormholes;)

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