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Data visualization

April 20, 2012
Today I’d attended a talk on “Big data and cloud” and found the talk extremely interesting. I would to talk about that but I think that’s worth another thread. Instead I’d like to tell you about Data Visualization, which was briefly mentioned at the end of the talk.
Without the fancy terms and rest, Data Visualization is simply study of data by representing them in a visual form. It’s motivated by the fact that people find visual media such as animations, pictures and videos more interesting than tables :D.
One of my favourite visualizations is the Opte project’s pictorial representation of the Internet today. Here’s one of their visualizations below.
 Data visualization is pretty exciting and it can be much more appealing than pictures. For instance, here’s the video by Hans Rosling(which was shown in the talk today too).
Hans Rosling has delivered a talk at TED. You can view the talk here: Hans Rosling has also created a website which lets you view the data visualizations, play with gapminder and choose from a wide variety of data sets. You can view them here:
In fact, my project uses a tool called JIVE, which stands for Java Interactive Visualization Environment! Yes it does perform a wide variety of visualizations-you should check it out sometime too!
I hope it’s been a good intro to Data Visualization-it’s the perfect field for those who love computer science and have an artistic bend. If you’ve more examples to share, kindly leave a comment. Thanks!

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