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Mullaperiyar: From dam to doom?

December 16, 2011

I just saw an interesting(I think the appropriate term is shocking!) about the Mulla periyar dam. I must say it’s definitely a disaster in the making!

I think the facts and figures are available online so there’s no need to state it again-I don’t see the point of simply quoting something. Instead I’d like to voice my opinion about this entire issue as such and what I find really appalling!

People in Tamil Nadu are nuts! I’m not talking about the entire population or anything alright? I’m talking about those particular section of people who had said or done something related to this issue which I found plain stupid. The politicians are always to blame first(I wonder why it’s always the case)-what the hell were they doing while this matter spilled over and became a public issue huh? Calculating political strategies(if they were they’re brainless morons for sure)?! I’m guessing the present government was(and is) sleeping over this just like the previous slept over the 2G scam. Shops run by Malayalees in Tamil Nadu were attacked and ransacked! And in Kerala, life still goes on-none of the Tamil people are harmed except for those Sabarimala pilgrims incident. The part that strikes me as interesting is the fact that while the attack on Sabarimala pilgrims from Tamil Nadu did not deter any pilgrims from visiting Sabarimala but the attacks in Tamil Nadu really did strike fear in hearts of few people-I overheard a few people headed to Chennai extremely worried for their safety there

What the stupid TN government doesn’t realize is that the livelihood of several labourers who reside in the border village has been ruined because of tension in the border areas! Nothing can go from one side to the other and as such the economy is completely ruined. A simple point to prove it-vegetable prices are sky rocketing in Kerala due to lack of supply while they are at an all time low since there is excess of supply in Tamil Nadu. Just walk into any market and you’ll know I’m not kidding.

Of course, I would like to highlight a few people. First up is Selvi Jayalalithaa and her office. What on earth is wrong with them?! They wrote an entire page-that’s write AN ENTIRE PAGE-letter sorta thing to the people of TN and Kerala highlighting the dam’s case and all the while CLAMING THAT THE DAM IS SAFE and citing examples of DAM’S THAT HAVE BEEN REPAIRED ELSEWHERE which are functioning properly. I’m not a complete idiot-I have enough cranial capacity to figure out that another person eating won’t satisfy my hunger! Believe me Ms. CM, if many people die because of this, you’re going to die just like Indira Gandhi-I see a lot of similarity. Although Indira Gandhi’s move effectively ended Punjab militancy which was a good thing in a way. Just found part of the letter ->

The next is the TN film fraternity. I enjoy Tamil movies and many of friends do too. I would have seen more Tamil movies than Malayalam movies for sure. But, I never expected this from popular actors-they are playing it safe and not stating that a dam needs to be built and the old one decommissioned. In fact the hero of a recent Tamil movie(which is banned because it’s apparently related to this issue in 999 ways) publicly APOLOGIZED FOR ACTING IN THE MOVIE and said he should have NEVER ACTED IN THIS MOVIE and HURT TAMIL SENTIMENTS by doing so. Are you freaking out of your mind?! Several people might be killed here and you are worried about hurting sentiments of those people who are barely affected by this issue. It seems highly stupid to me.

Anyway, here’s some of the solutions I came up for this issue.

1. Kerala construct a new dam. Lives of people are more important.
2. Tamil Nadu construct a new dam-highly unlikely but still. It’s still a solution after all :).
3. Build trenches and canals that can redirect the water in case of a dam burst to Tamil Nadu. I’m not being evil or anything but well we still protect ourselves and Tamil Nadu gets the water they need :P.
4. Central government intervenes and solves the issue. Hey woah relax-can’t you take a joke :D? I know they are going to do nothing at all.

Of course, here’s something I wonder if Tamil Nadu has figured out.

1. The dam doesn’t break and Kerala does construct a new dam. The old dam can still work as per the lease agreement but new dam doesn’t. It’s not stupid, it’s the law. The lease only applies to the old dam and not to the new one. Specially after the TN government rejected Kerala government’s proposal to apply the old agreement to the new dam, I don’t think Kerala government would(and should) agree to do so if it constructs a dam.
2. The dam does break and somehow miraculously the cities of Kerala are saved. A new dam will be constructed by Kerala and the old agreement is still void.

I don’t know why it seems like lose-lose for TN. Wonder if they’ve realized this .

The Mullaperiyar agitation has been going for >1500 days now. That is 4 years! Hey sleeping government, bed time is over and it’s time to go and do some actual work!

And don’t get me started on the centre. Bunch of toothless, fearful and utterly useless set of people heading the state. “We won’t interefere in this issue” or so they said. Yeah sure as if Kerala and Tamil Nadu are neighbouring countries and we don’t want to interfere. We’re part of the same country and also voted for you so you could be at power in the centre(and abuse it left and right). Show some gratitude to such people.

I see my opinion seems highly biased and doesn’t point fingers at Kerala(I’m sure some genius would think of this). I would like to ask such people “Is the life of several million people and infrastructure worth millions more important than politics and stuff?” For a sane person, I think that’s a rhetorical question. Politics out, humanity in.

I’d like to hear you opinion on this issue too. So thank you for reading and do post your opinion as well.


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  1. Raghunath permalink

    You left out the judiciary. You left out the study done by Roorkee IIT. There have been some more expert team studies conducted on the safety of the dam. Nobody doubted the safety. But no one really checked the bottom of the dam. From the bottom portion , cement + lime mix have eroding clearly leaving enough room for suspicion that it cannot withstand another earthquake of magnitude of 5.5 in richer scale.

    When one US citizen dies anywhere outside their country, see the impacts & action. You could see how swift they were to react on Taj tragedy. In India , if someone looses life, no matter how many died in Sri Lanka recently, it is just regretted and next day it is ignored.

    What do you think India Govt has done to Mangalore Airport after the tragedy ? What about Calicut ?

    Central Govt is , by existing Union agreement, to implement linking of rivers throughout India. Has anyone seriously questioned them ?

    Is there anyone Govt or politician who is accountable ?

    Good that youngsters like you are now seriously taking up the issue thru media which is available. Only advice, don’t use terms “Nuts” “Stupids” etc – they hurt & ego comes to play. A slap on Sharad Pawar’s face physically, the killing of Indira Gandhi or Raajiv Gandhi etc are not going to change or have any effect on any one in India. The very pupose for which it is done gets defeated by that.

    All the best.

  2. Nice post and interesting solutions there-only wish they could be solved that easily! That bunch of adjectives for the Central Government sure is appropriate :D.
    Matters have only got worse in the past few days with the MoEF making some contradictory statements. Hope they come to definitive conclusions and act fast keeping the safety and interests of the people foremost.

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