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John Underkoffler, TED 2010

October 26, 2011

Speaker Profile:

The TED talk was mainly focussed on Human Computer Interfaces-one of the most exciting areas of computer science today. The talk started off with the Macintosh and how it revolutionized the entire concept of Human Computer Interaction and went on to talk about the speaker’s research in the area.


Indeed the Macintosh was among the revolutionary developments in Human Computer Interfaces-Apple designed it such that anyone and everyone could use computers. They had to write a brand new “operating system” complete with graphic libraries, mouse libraries and more-none of which existed-to create something truly wonderful.

But indeed as the speaker put it, that’s the past. It’s time to move on. While peripherals such as memory, hard disk etc have grown considerably, human computer interfaces are still in the same 70’s-80’s; the time of the Macintosh. Although this has indeed received attention in recent days, there is still a long way to go.

After this, the speaker demoed the systems that they have developed in their research lab that revolutionize the human computer interfaces. I was shocked to learn that they actually designed that amazing interface used by Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible-I thought the entire system he is using was actually a projection on the screen :D. But, I was very surprised when he actually demoed the system and the various tasks that are possible.

Although the presentation isn’t anything great, they have indeed done a wonderful job in developing such a system that transforms the traditional interfaces into a more intuitive and easy to use interface. The applications of the system demoed and suggested by the speaker are indeed wonderful-I never thought of Supply Chain Management(urgh MIS :P). I’m waiting to see the next killer app that is created using this system-the next Angry Birds :D.


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  1. shyjal permalink

    Really impressive 🙂

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