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David Gallo: 1998(with Bill Lange) and 2007

August 3, 2011

Speaker Profile:

Conference: TED 1998




The video is mainly about life in the deep sea and ocean-how mankind has only explored ~3% of the oceans and the rest 97% is completely unknown and filled with much more creatures than a tropical rainforest; each breathtaking and amazing as their tropical counterparts.

It’s simply amazing how a being can have it’s “head” in 3oC aka freezing water and it’s “feet” in 200oC aka boiling water(maybe superheated water), while we humans are so sensitive to temperature changes-imagine bathing in water that’s 200oC! Unbelievable! That’s what’s great about the living world-the beings are so different and fascinating!

To me, this video opened me up to a whole new dimension of the world. Standing at the shoreline on a beach, it makes me think about the ocean as a whole new wilderness that’s waiting to be discovered and unravelled, about how we’re an insignificant part of this whole world.

It also opened me to how humans are creating havoc in the world and throwing it out of balance. As Gallo described it-”It’s like a perfect symphony, playing a different note everyday and we come along one fine day and say ‘No! Play the same note tomorrow!’.” It doesn’t work that way-we must learn with the earth or it will forget how to do the same with us in the near future. And there have been sufficient instances in which this intolerance has been demonstrated.

Conference: TED 2007




The previous video was about the unexplored depths of the ocean. But, this dealt with the various things that are unknown about the shallow waters. The animals and their various characteristics/abilites of the creatures that are shown in this video are simply splendid!

This video taught me above all things-humility. No matter how good we become and how much knowledge we acquire, there’s definitely something that we’ll never manage to do in our entire lifetime. There’s definitely so much that can be learnt from our fellow creatures and not just fellow human beings!


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