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Season of KDE, Amarok and me

April 30, 2011

Well it’s been quite a while since I’ve written any blog post but I just felt like :).

Quite a bit has happened over the past year, many things changed, I’ve changed etc etc. But, that’s past. So thought we’d just stick to the present.

I’d applied to Google Summer of Code 2011 this time to Amarok and sad to say I didn’t get selected this time. But the rejection mail contained a message from KDE saying they’d still like us to apply for Season of KDE, a program similar to SOC conducted by KDE; only more informal and a longer program(applications are still open; check You can read the announcement here

Immediately, I contact Lydia Pintscher, the community manager and immediately the mentors Ian Monroe and Bart Cerneels were asked if they’d like to mentor me. But, for two days there was no response and I was starting to lose hope. At one point, I gave up and started exploring alternative summer plans. But, two days ago I simply drop by in the IRC and ask about this. Immediately I ping Bart, who tells me that I’ve to rewrite the application all over again-it’s not up to the mark. Damn! I wish I’d known earlier-might have made it to GSOC :'(. I think it’s not possible to improve it-I’d given it my everything when I wrote the proposal for GSOC. But, I tell him I will get back to him tomorrow with a fresh proposal.

And indeed I did-approached with 7 features off the top of my head which I came up with in like an hour or so and ping him again. He asks me to contact Leo Franchi another developer of Amarok and the social music player tomahawk(; an amazing player) and so I did. I drop by last night at around 10pm and simply ask Leo what he thought of my ideas. What followed was a four hour discussion of the various features and details of what I’d proposed and here’s the best part-he agreed to mentor! Yipee!!! I was elated-me in Season of KDE. Just couldn’t sleep last night at all! Gotta ping him again today and keep in touch. Wonder how I’ll do it during exams. Let’s see.

Keep watching this space for updates on this. I’ll soon upload the features I plan to implement. Looking forward to actually applying some software engineering principles in real life. Lot involved for sure.

PS: Applications for Season of KDE are open till July. If you’re interested, check on how to apply and for ideas-there are so many that are not taken yet. It’s a golden opportunity and they’re not looking for students alone though students will be given preference. Give it a shot-you never know what you might find!


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