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InCTF 2010 is here

January 30, 2010

Amrita University & TIFAC CORE in association with VeriSign proudly present InCTF’10, India’s First National Level “Capture the Flag” Style Ethical HACKING contest.

InCTF’10 is from February to March 2010 and is focused exclusively on the student community. You can participate from your own university and no travel is required. No prior exposure or experience in cyber security needed to participate.

Prerequisite to participate is familiarity with any programming language. Working knowledge of Linux is highly desirable but not necessary; learn essential skills as you participate!!!

We help you learn if you get stuck!!

What you need to do?

(a) Form a team (max five members from your college)
(b) Approach a faculty/mentor and request him/her to mentor your team
(c) Register online at
(d) Send a demand draft for and amount of Rs. 150/- per team to the address mentioned.

Hurry! You can participate as soon as your complete the registration.
Exciting prizes to be won:
1st Prize Rs. 40000/-
2nd Prize Rs. 30,000/-
3rd Prize Rs. 20,000/-
Special Prizes

(a) Top 30 teams get CASH prize and Certificates of merit
(b) Faculty mentors of top 5 teams get special prizes
(c) College with the winning team will be awarded a “Champion University” award
(d) Winning teams will be considered to participate in an internship program at VeriSign for the next cycle which starts in July 2010

So, what are you waiting for?
Here is your chance to win bragging rights to be called “India’s No.1 Ethical Hacking Team!!”

It’s simple Register, Learn, Hack!

More details visit us online at Inctf

Follow us on Twitter @inctf | Facebook
Event Sponsor : Verisign | Media Partner: InfoSecurity | Publicity: Event Poster

1. Inform all your friends about this opportunity
2. For further details, do feel free to get in touch.

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  1. InCTF 2011 is coming up better than ever before! ! Help spread the word!

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