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And the curtains fall on FOSS.IN(from NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bangalore)…

December 9, 2009

So the curtain falls on the 2009 edition of FOSS.IN. It’s been a 5 day journey that I thought might not make.

It’s been boring here. Sure I feel as if now I know I’m an even smaller speck in the FOSS world; that too only in the national level. But well, the speck never grew up. I’m still the same. I made no progress: ILUG-C refuses to answer my question(wonder why). And so no progress in the sudo bug fixing. Perhaps I should just start reading the code and find out where the bug is and just fix it rather than finding out how sudo works. But, I’m sure some system library calls outside the sudo source will play a central role and should know which is that(based on what Zubin said).

But, the more important thing is the precise feeling that I knew I’ll feel when here: lonely and bored. It’s materialised. It’s been boring here: go to, go hang out somewhere later in the day and then return back. Perhaps it’s cos I’ve seen most of Bangalore and the presence of friends makes no difference: museum, Lal Bagh, Forum and so on. Or perhaps it’s because of the monotonous routine that I had I don’t know. But, as I sit here in auditorium 1 of the centre, I feel that it’s been a waste coming here except that I got a nudge in a different direction.

It’s been a great experience to know the fact that I can go a long way in open source and it requires hard work. Hopefully I’ll focus a bit more and work faster while having fun on the way. Yes it’s true that I do this except that it’s more focussed on the latter than the former. I wish I’d focus a bit more and progress.

Next up is the SciPy conference in Trivandrum December 12 and 13. Hopefully I’ll learn python properly perhaps in the conference and it won’t be wasted like Perhaps I’ll split stay a day more and check out trivandrum perhaps. Will have to wait and see.


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