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Live in the command line

November 28, 2009

Well I’ve been thinking about this for a long time “Won’t it be cool to write on the various linux commands that I know? Won’t it be useful for some newbie who wants to learn more on this? Plus terminal is something I like a lot. So why not?”

So, in adherence to this thought, here is a new section in my blog “Live in the command line” – all about Linux commands which will eliminate the need for the GUI(hopefully)! Of course this will need you to remember a whole host of commands and the various options that come with each. And most of all, you’ll need to get used to the “only-keyboard” console – that’s right no mousey mousey.

So, for starters, I suggest you make the terminal look better so that you feel at home. Mine looks something like this
My GNOME Terminal

This setup of nice comfortable colours (and the background yes, the famous linux security distro) is just what I need to make sure that my eyes don’t get strained by the long hours spent in front of the terminal(which by default has black font and white background – not at all eye-friendly).

So, go ahead and experiment with colours and find out what is it that suits your eyes and causes less strain to it.

I welcome you to “Live In The Command Line” and hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do writing it.

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