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Connecting to DSL Internet and LAN at same time in Ubuntu

November 25, 2009

So, I was stunned by the fact that you cannot connect to LAN and internet at the same time in Ubuntu(a feature that’s default in windoze). So, I used to find it irritating when I wanted to transfer my files to my laptop, while surfing the internet. Of course, that was a long time ago and I was new to Ubuntu(read knew nothing about it) and had installed 9.04 for first time.

Today I came back from hostel. Yaay I was excited 24×7 unrestricted internet – proxy let me download no more that 6MB(really pissing). And I was in for a real shock: DSL not working in Ubuntu!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course, when in doubt, call the experts. So, I called up Mr. Avinash Joshi and asked him if he knew about this. To my surprise, he said it worked fine for him!! I was like “Ok. What the hell is wrong with mine then?”

So, I boot up windoze on my desktop(yeah I did go to sleep waiting for it to boot) and start surfing the net for info. I find out that the entire world, except a select lucky few like Avinash, had problems connecting to DSL from Karmic. Someone was right, Ubuntu manages to run few stuff well in a version and break in the next: Intrepid to Jaunty sound was out, Jaunty to Karmic DSL doesn’t work.

But, then all hope was not lost. Some guy reminded me again of pppoeconf and then here I am again on the net in ubuntu. It seems DSL doesn’t work with Network Manager.

To configure DSL in ubuntu without using Network Manager, run the following command in the terminal
sudo pppoeconf

It’ll ask you for a whole bunch of details. Just make sure all network interfaces are detected by it and you give in the correct authentication details. You are now connected to the internet without Network Manager.

But how do you connect to LAN? Simple. Just connect to a LAN connection. If it’s DHCP, run

sudo dhclient

else just assign an IP Address using ifconfig in case of ad-hoc networks.

Now, you are connected to LAN and internet at the same time. No need for network manager at all. Neat eh?

After connecting to LAN, just put a route entry or set iptables to route the input from ethernet interface to ppp interface and guess the internet should be shared. Thus I think internet sharing should also be possible; have not tried it yet.


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