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The all new “Karmic” experience: it’s just a result of “Karma”.

November 2, 2009

Well, the new version of Ubuntu, christenend “Karmic Koala” was released on Oct 29. I’d been eagerly waiting for this version since I was pretty disappointed with the earlier version 9.04 codenamed “Jaunty Jackalope”.

Of course, the end semester exams are approaching and so I decided to focus on them in order to boost my GPA and hence my chances in getting a good college for higher education (if it’s possible; maybe later it’s another long story). And so I decided to study throughout the weekend and stay away from the laptop except in the night for some counterstrike gaming. But fate had something else in store that would put me focussed only on installing Karmic throughout the weekend.

I wanted to restructure my hard drive since most of the hard drive was reserved solely for the operating system (that too vista; I was pissed when I got the laptop like this). So I started off by deleting my windows partition and reconfigure the partitions using the live CD of Karmic. I planned to recover the C: drive with the recovery partition I’d got with the laptop. There started the problems.

I’d never booted the recovery nor had I analysed how the recovery works. I even thought it was created by windows, but it’s actually created by Sony Recovery Tool. So, after installing Karmic and all necessary apps(which was super fast; they’ve really boosted the performance of this version after a haywire and buggy previous one), I decided to focus on installing windows.

I gave 20 GB for Vista but the recovery tool refused to install in 20GB saying the space isn’t enough. Then came the shock. The recovery tool somehow deleted my ubuntu partitions: / and /home and with it went all my data. I was furious at windows (ignorant of fact that it’s a sony tool 🙂 nevertheless delighted at opportunity of cursing windows; should perhaps respect it a bit) and started cursing it as usual.

So, seeing no more point, I decide to restore it to how it was: major part of hard drive for OS and then 1 extra drive along with Ubuntu partitions. And I start the recovery. Then after booting the recovery, I find that I could create a partition from there with just 30GB for Vista. I was furious and felt like killing myself on not having explored the recovery and hence lost all data unnecessarily. So, I select that option and then I end up with a 30GB Vista drive (which I thought would be too much but now it’s good I gave that much) and the rest, which I configured it as an extended partition and now I’ve got 8 partitions: recovery, Vista, /, /home, swap and 3 other drives.

So now it’s all the way I wanted and it’s really been a learning experience for me.

After installing Karmic, I took it for a test drive: it’s graphic driver is superb(earlier it used to be software acceleration in ubuntu to play counterstrike but now with the integrated Intel graphics driver it’s all in the game now with wide screen; but i can’t connect to any network and play). Also, not only has the sound been fixed, it has also been boosted a lot: I really get very high sound levels in Ubuntu. And plus the headset works fine too unlike in Karmic, which played thorough both the headset and laptop speakers. I’m so loving it.

Guess it’s right: it’s all a result of my karma; I patiently waited for it to release.


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