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Finally a non-CS from my year checks out ubuntu

September 1, 2009

Today, I saw that one of my friends, Vineeth Mohan(, of Electronics And Communication Engineering, in my year, went ahead and did something: checking out Ubuntu(

This is an encouraging thing I must say. Most people are of the opinion that Ubuntu (or Linux in general) is meant only for computer science and information technology students. Hello?! If that’s so, I say stop using computers at home, stay away from the labs, the cafe in the campus and from any place that has anything even remotely connected to computer(that of course includes mobiles with internet in them since internet was originally available on computers)

I’m happy(no exalted) that he did so. He even went straight to the command line and started installing applications(hell even I don’t do that; that’s way cool Vineeth). People have no problem using Windows at home. But, when asked about it, they say, “Oh! It’s just to play games, surf the net, chat etc”. Hello?! You can surf the net in ubuntu too?! Plus it’s more secure(compared to Windows; thank to unix’s superuser concept). And chatting, well what’s pidgin for then hmm?? It even let’s you IM multiple friends (Yahoo, GTalk, MSN and 15 other protocols) all from within the same window. Plus you can have multiple accounts at the same time like 2 Gtalk or 3 Yahoo! accounts at the same time.

Oh don’t get me started on games. There are 17 games installed by default in Ubuntu(all with a superb AI I must say; not like windows where the computer lets you win sometimes. Try playing GNU chess: not your average chess app. I lose sorely in this. I’m not a good player I agree. Still, I don’t lose this bad! If that’s not enough, there are Linux versions of Windows I believe. Also, any game on Windows can be played on Ubuntu thanks to Play On Linux I believe. Have not tried out: don’t have any high end games to test it out with.

So, with so much in, and that too for free, wont you feel ashamed when asked “Have you tried Ubuntu?” and you say know? I agree you cant try Mac: you have to be filthy rich for that. Windows every Tom, Dick and Harry would’ve tried out and know. You don’t have to pay for Ubuntu. How come you haven’t even tried it out huh? But, hey it’s never too late.


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  1. cool to know!!!
    Ubuntu is headed for Mission World Domination.

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