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HAR CTF 2009

August 17, 2009

Well HAR CTF 09, the latest capture the flag contest that the college team participated, got over on saturday.
After that, I have stayed away from internet for an unusually long period of 48 hours(I prefer 48 hours over 2 days because it conveys the size of the period better). And now, am back in front of it.

So this is the our team logo. I like it: it even has a cool name: BIOS. It actually has another expansion, other than the usual BIOS; but the seniors haven’t told me the expansion they came up with.

BIOS Team Image

This image is the final scorecard of the contest.

HAR CTF Final Score

We now hope to sit around together and work on past contest’s images, improve and learn better and perform much better in the next contests. I’m sure if we work hard enough, we’ll certainly come first: my dream send off to the final years in the team. I sincerely pray to god it’s possible.


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