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Kung Fu Panda: A superb movie; do see it

August 9, 2009

Although it’s just a normal movie just like any other one: good always triumphs over evil. But the movie is very very different from most others.

The basics is stil the same: a very unlikely person chosen as the warrior who’ll save the village from the evil. However, there are many lessons that are inter-twined in this movie that, though a bit subtle, is a very significant lesson for each and every one of us.

Here’s one quote from the movie:

“yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift; that’s why it’s called “present””.

We have heard this in several forms such as “Yesterday is a cancelled cheque. Tomorrow is an uncashed cheque. Today is ready cash.” and “Now is all you have with you.” etc. This, however, I found is a very interesting way of putting it. We all thought of it as a cheque, a moment that makes us achieve great things, our property etc but has anyone ever thought it was a “present”? Never! That’s why all the problems of procrastination exists: because we view it as something that’s inexhaustible and keeps repeating forever. So, always remember this quote when you decide to waste time unnecessarily.

Another important point conveyed in this movie is TRUST. That’s something that’s lacking big time in today’s world; even with me: we don’t believe that someone can do something. We just think that they are worthless; we don’t give them a chance to prove that they can do it. Sure, once you are convinced that they can’t do it, when they fail you several times, you can stop trusting them. But it’s wrong not to trust them when you have not given them a fair chance to prove themselves.

The movie very subtly conveys many a great relationship, such as the one between Po’s master and his master, many a faith such as what Po had in his master even when he was desperately trying to get rid of him so that one of his students get selected as the dragon master.

But, the most important message is this “To make something special, you just have to think it’s special.” So true. Po’s father’s secret soup had no secret ingredient in it. But, when he used to say there was one, everyone used to believe it so and finally everyone used to say this is so: they soup is special. Similarly, just think that something is special and you’ll start believing that it’s special.

I say go watch the movie now, if you haven’t already(which you should have), and tell me what you thought of the movie.

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