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Cars: A Very Good Movie(21 Jul 09)

August 9, 2009

Well today afternoon I was feeling lazy and so I decided to watch another movie. So I switch on my laptop and start watching Cars, the famous Disney-Pixar animation movie.

Of course, the story was similar to most others initially: an egoistic driver of the most famous racing series in the country lands up in a sleepy place where no one know’s him and he’s forced to repair the road he damaged when he was speeding after getting lost. But the most important part of the movie then unfolds itself and teaches us many valuable things: the fact that caring about oneself will not do; you have to give a thought about others, the macho bravado thing does not always work: when you make a mistake, admit it and that it’s extremely difficult but astonishing and satisfying if you inspire someone to do something that they’ve always wanted: satisfying that you helped someone and astonishing that they achieve heights that you never thought is possible.

This sort of relates to my present case too in a way.

The whole movie has a warm, good feeling that sort of sweeps you along and also shows you the transformation that an incident or place or anything can have upon a person. Also, even with such a serious theme, the movie’s managed to have a lot of comic instances in it: such as drawing similarities between a tractor and a cow, a grain cutter and a raging bull etc. It’s these small yet significant things that actually do add a spice to the movie, without which the movie wouldn’t have been what it is.

As a whole, the movie wants to convey few things: do not take anyone for granted; not everyone is replaceable. Give a thought to others too. And it also talks about sportsmanship: it’s not always about winning the dog race; sometimes it’s also about how you were during the race. It’s actually the last few moments of the movie that set this apart from other animation movies.

Owen Wilson’s voicing over as the central character is splendid. It’s seems as if the character given to him is just like Owen Wilson in most other movies: the sort of characters he plays and how they’ll react to situations. It’s seems as if the movie was written keeping Owen Wilson in mind. But, the movie’s actually dedicated to Joe Ranft.

I’d say it’s not that a great movie, I was not damn inspired by it; but well it’s a good one that has lot’s of food for thought although it has only one particular thought to convey.

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