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300 An Excellent Movie

August 9, 2009

Few days ago, i saw 300 till half past midnight. At the end of it, this was what I ended up saying “WOW!!”.

The story revolves around the legendary Spartans whose kingdom is threatened by the Persians. A messenger comes to the Spartan kingdom asking them to surrender to the Persians or be prepared for war. Like true Spartans, they say “Bring it on” and slaughter the messenger and his retinue.

But, however, on consultation with the Oracle, whose blessings the army takes before any war, the Oracle forbids them from fighting and instead focus on the upcoming festival, during which, according to the Spartan law, no fighting must occur.

However, Leonardus, the protagonist, is unable to be at peace, with the prospect of the Persians banging on their doors and putting their town to fire and sword in the middle of the holy festival and sets out with an army of just 300 in order to fight the Persian army, numbering to thousands.

He then fights a glorious battle, combined with superb planning such as proper formation, use of terrain and the Greek allies who turn up to fight. But ultimately, a traitor betrays them and shows to the enemy an alternative path that ultimtely leads to the cornering of the Spartans. Upon seeing that defeat is certain, the Greek allies desert them.

Faced with a dilemma, Leonardus splits the army and sends a part home, in order to make the council see that war was certain and that they needed to prepare for it, under the leadership of his most trusted general.

Leonardus and the remaining fight a glorious but short lived battle that ultimately consumes their lives.

Next we see the general leading a 10000 men strong army consisting of Spartans and Greeks united against the Persians.

The movie talks about how a man, who even with all the problems and troubles that he faced, decided to go with his heart, rather than go with the corrupt law. It certainly holds an important lesson for us: we should try not to complain about something and leave it at that; we should work hard and must be committed enought to put anything on the line for our commitment.

Also well highlighted is the leadership quality of Leonardo, who commands an absolutely minuscule 300 men army and yet manages to hold fort to the Persians for a long time.

See this movie for the story, the characters and the superb visuals that are breath-taking. Do not miss this one at all.

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