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13 B quite a good movie

July 22, 2009

This is the second movie I am seeing from seeing hostel. I saw it at the wrong time: in the afternoon; should have seen it in the night.
The story is about a family that moves into a newly purchased apartment: 13 B. Immediately, there are indications that something is not right: the puja room cannot be set up, the milk does not boil properly (traditionally when entering any new house for the first time milk is boiled and the puja room is set up). Then a few more modern signs such as the lift not working for the protagonist played by R. Madhavan, his camera in his mobile does not work properly only when he takes pictures of himself inside the apartment, a blind neighbour’s dog scared to enter the house also become apparent.
But the movie’s pace moves up a notch when a serial plays exactly at 1pm (aka 13:00 hours) every weekday, which illustrates everything that happens to the protagonist’s family; such as his sister who’s never cleared any paper in college clears every paper and it’s shown exactly in the serial simultaneously as it happens in the real world and his wife, who was pregnant is involved in an accident at home which results in a miscarriage and so on.
From this point, the movie becomes very exciting with startling new discoveries and superb development of plot. Ultimately, it’s about the protagonist solving the entire mystery of what happens.
The whole movie has a several surprising elements to it that really add a new dimension to it. As I was seeing the movie, although I was able to predict at several points what is about to happen, it still involved several surprising elements such as a photo album (won’t say whose) etc.
I’d say go see this movie: it demonstrates how a well written plot can actually become a really good movie. What’s more it gives a pretty good meaning to serials that you might end up liking soaps if you really hate it: although only interesting soaps like this and not the crap that’s shown these days.
So the bottom line: see it it’s a wonderful movie that you can really enjoy. It actually succeeded in scaring me in broad daylight; so I guess scaring night should be a piece of cake.


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