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Hey reader of my blog…

June 29, 2009

I know i have been getting quite a bit of traffic; though not phenomenal as gmail or orkut or something.

I however would like all to do something; more than just read my blog; tell me who you are.

Surely the people who i know and who read this blog is just a small percentage of the whole traffic. So if you dont mind, do introduce yourselves to me. Send a comment or something: i can always delete your comment if you have privacy issues (yeah right; who’s gonna spam ya? Me? I dont even know how email’s work; how can i spam ya huh?).

So what do you say reader? Will you introduce yourselves to me? Or no? You be the judge.


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  1. You are a big fan of movies i guess…cool… 🙂

    • Arvind permalink

      oh yeah. I really love movies: they always bring in a dash of freshness and new viewpoints that we’ve never known even existed. Haven’t been able to see much ever since I got home: gotta fight with my sister for TV rights :D. you see movies too?

  2. janaemonir permalink

    Hello! I stumbled upon your blog from an ad on my blog, actually, and to fulfill your request, here I am to send my regards. Funny how the internet (and especially blogs) can make the world seem so small.

    Take care!

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