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Rogue Assassin: a brilliant movie; very very well crafted

May 30, 2009

Well just finished seeing the 9pm premiere “Rogue Assassin”. It’s the Star Movies’ Blockbuster of the Month.

So I went with no great expectations from the movie: just action and no story.

And yeah well, I turned out to be partly right and partly wrong; right about the action, wrong about the story.

Well I am not going to add a synopsis here; because I feel you should see this movie sometime. It’s a wonderful movie with a brilliant plot. I cannot say anything much more about this movie: it’ll mean I have to reveal the plot. All I can tell you is this: it’s a wonderful movie with a storyline very unique. You might think that you know this story well: it’s the same old revenge story. Well it is revenge true; but revenge from a different person and a different reason. This is the crux of the story; which is revealed in the end and what a shock that was!! I must say the likeliness exists to another Jason Statham starrer that i liked a lot: Chaos: another splendid movie with a similar storyline, but not exactly the same: revenge is not the motive in Chaos. But Chaos is a bit closer: with all the computer technology and stuff used i like it a lot. But this one makes up with style and an equally good story too.

The action: nothing out of place. Jet Li and Jason Statham are both experienced in this field and have done quite exceptionally well; particularly Jet Li’s action sequences are quite good. It’s the sheer style that he manages to bring about without any apparent effort at all. The style, the heartlessness, the simplicity, the lack of emotions everything; Jet Li portrays his character simply splendidly; you just can stop appreciating Jet Li for his wonderful portrayal of this character; simply marvelous.

If you want a good story mixed with very well done action sequences, then go see this movie: it’ll shock you for both the aspects. I say go give this movie a shot; it’s quite good.


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