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Embedding videos to your blog

May 28, 2009

Embedding videos to your blog is a very nice way to drive home a point that millions of lines in blog entry fails to do.

Of course, there are several ways to do it in a wordpress blog. I will talk about all and which is the best. I will talk mostly about wordpress blog because that’s what I use. For other blogs I think it’s enough if you just paste the embed code in your entry. Or you could also do the second method mentioned for wordpress blogs.

Method #1

WordPress has an add video option in the blog entry; just check the bar for the button and click on it. You get a window that has the tab from URL. Select that and type the URL in and voila! You have embedded the video to the entry. I got this method from the wordpress support.

I tried this, but it didn’t work for me. So I delved deeper into the support, hiding my frustration at the straight forward method not working as promised.

Method #2

I found this site and that you can add videos to your blog easily and effectively.

What’s more: you can add videos from a variety of websites unlike in wordpress which supports only you tube, google video and two more (don’t remember which; go find out).

So, to embed videos in your blog, I suggest signing up at vodpod and start posting your blogs embedded with videos. They support major blogging platforms. You can confirm whether yours is supported at their site. I know wordpress and blogger are supported for sure. Have fun.

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