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peaceful warrior: a must watch movie

May 18, 2009

Peaceful warrior(english) is a movie that i screened at mindscape last semester along with meera(BBM). It was probably my first proper presentation although i didn’t make the presentation.

Based on the autobiography The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior, it’s a real life story of an athlete, Dan Milllman.

He was a top gymnast who was on his way to qualifying for the Olympics and how a life changing motorcycle accident occurs which shatters his leg. The rest is about how a man, Socrates, trains Dan in very strange ways. He doesn’t offer training in gymnastics, rather training that can help him overcome all the problems that he has in becoming that great gymnast he aspires to be. It’s mostly things that people would consider trivial, but are those small small things that really no one bothers about but go a long way in determining a lot about how things are going to turn out in life.

This movie really makes you think about yourself and is movie that evokes introspection. It’s quite a well crafted movie that seemingly makes you think a lot as well. It’s movie that requires some amount of intelligence and interest in such themes considered abstract by many. But this movie is certainly a must watch that actually tells you that you need to know what is it that you want to achieve in life and if it’s your true goal, you are really passionate about it, then it’s all a matter of hard work, commitment and perserverence.

Although the latter 3 are what considered important by most, it’s the goal setting that’s the most important since the others are meaningless without this.
This is the most important idea that’s propagated by this movie.

It’s a must watch but yeah you may find the first half a bit dull.


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