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mindscape: the great robot race

May 13, 2009

been working on the great robot race ppt for the screening next semester at college. actually busy incorporating varrun’s suggestions and i keep pushing on without any hesitation and worries. think i may finally be doing like varrun said: “please try. only then can you succeed”. so i am actually doing something that seems like work going on well.

the event’s called the grand challenge. it’s an event organised by DARPA the leading defense research organisation of the USA. this event requires participants to create vehicles that drive by themselves through a 130 mile i think track through the Mojave Desert. wow i think i should put that in the ppt. this event had 5 finishes and has spurred renewed interest in the field of autonomous robotics. if you haven’t seen this, you gotta see it. i dont know where you can get it but you certainly gotta see this if you haven’t.

if you belong to my college, dont fret we’ll be showing this docu next semester. so hold your horses till then.

am going back to the ppt.

Hail Red Whittaker and Sebastian Thrun: pioneers in the field of autonomous robots. hail.

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