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Robots rule totally!! And i understood things today!!

April 12, 2009

well today was, as usual, normal day with nothing much happening. i got up late today morning due to the late night jaunt last night. and i spent most of the morning reading the material i got from hacker high school( read lessons 3 and 4 on “ports and protocols” and “services and connections”. not sure if i remember everything i read in that. still remember few things(eg: HTTP protocol communicates through the port numbered 80; SMTP through 23 and so on. services i read about anonymous FTP, IRC and the various types of internet connections that exist).

in the afternoon, kept playing snake on my mobile: got addicted to it when i got it installed in my mobile when i got it formatted. so now killing time is a bit easier and fun at the same time.

then i saw a documentary on “The Grand Challenge 2005” or rather a fitting name would be “The Great Robot Race” which is basically that a car will be modified as needed and a computer has to be fitted onto the car which will make all decision making on it’s own and race a full 100+mile race(i think). In layman’s terms, a robot controls a car for the entire race and drive and do everything exactly as a human driver would. it was simply wonderful to see the documentary and really made me think: “wow i wish i could contribute something to this field: robotics; specially to stuff that are relatively unexplored but have a great potential to become a very useful thing in future”. dont if i want to but i might give a shot at the program writing part of making thinking robots.

the race was won by Stanford University, California whose ingenious idea of using both a video camera and a LASER sensor and superposing images from both so that the car can actually “see” the road ahead and make decisions such as whether to turn, avoid obstacles and rev up or down. it was very effective and that’s why the got the first place.

there was another urban competition after this particular competition which was the very same thing except that the environment was different: not the desert of 2005 but a real live city of 2007, where the robots have to deal with traffic and themselves.

also after seeing this, i guess that i got a little less complaints about having to study about other subjects not related to my degree such as thermodynamics and mechanics: if  i wanna do something like the documentary you got to know this: it helps.

well i guess that’s all. whole city is in election mode and so the campaining is going full swing thereby making it difficult to go out the house. plus it’s festivities going on since it’s nearly the local harvest festival(on tue). so every1’s busy shopping.

anyways i am really sleepy. so good night. another entry soon i hope.

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