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What is mindscape??

April 11, 2009

Mindscape is a club started in our sister campus at ettimadai(near coimbatore; where i used to live). it’s aimed at developing the thinking in today’s students that our education does not achieve(motto: infinite thinking). so what we do is that we see documentaries, movies, anything interesting that might get us thinking.

it was started in our campus two years ago by the present third years(most of them from far off regions: who don’t go home often) who used to pester faculty of our college during the weekends since they had nothing to do. initially they used to go to the town, watch a movie, hangout and come back. so then Vipin Sir then decides to show them things at college that actually might be entertaing and educating . but since he did not have any movies, he was forced to give them the few documentaries he had. all of them were so interested in them that they gave up on movies and wanted only documentaries. then they had the idea why not share the thoughts and feelings about the showing with others of the campus and invite them to share their thoughts on the screening as well. that’s how the club was formed in our college.

but then, Vipin Sir became all busy and had no time for the club and there was some discord among the members so the club was discontinued. so now we are the ones who are at present trying to revive the club and get it back to where it was two years ago. and i sincerely believe that we can do it and even take it to where it has never been before but aims to reach: become a worldwide club just like ACM and other such global student organisations. hope it becomes true someday.

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