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Slumdog millionaire and the criticism it has drawn

April 11, 2009

was reading an article on Azhar, the child actor who played the role of Salim as a boy. (read about slumdog millionaire at these sites: and at

the article was mainly about the boy’s slum life(that’s right the young cute boy actually lives in the slum area of Mumbai), how many false promises are made to them that the kids are going to get scholarships etc and how life is difficult there in the slum due to the lack of a proper housing structure etc(their roof is actually made of a polythene like material). i wonder just like them if any of the promises made to Azhar’s family will actually kept up when time comes.

the more important thing that came to my mind was the very very very negative criticism that the movie drew from many of the educated intellectuals of our country such as Arindam Choudhari. he actually wrote that the movie shows how the western world views india as: a collection of slums and filled with kids who swim in “shitholes”. seriously sometimes if these ppl were made and educated to become as dumb as this to only look at the negative things(maybe a stereotype that india is like this. would be just simply great of such a streotype about our country exists in our own country. how do you expect it to progress??)

there are many positive aspects to this movie:

1. the movie shows the typical rags-to-riches story about a boy from the slum. why cant this be seen as the spirit of resilience of the people of our country??

2. the movie is a well crafted movie that actually made me go wow when i was three-fourths sleepy. the amount of thinking done in making this book and the screenplay indeed does deserve recognition.

3. why cant it be seen as a creative success of a very brilliant director and cast and crew??

4. how come not this much criticism was there when the book was released?? it ideally describes the same things in the same way as in the movie so what’s the deal?? guess every1’s looking for a moment of attention and glory that may spice up their no-so-great lives.

so if you see anyone saying that slumdog millionaire is such a shame to our country or has managed to create stereotypes such as the ones illustrated here: please do correct them ok.

me very very sleey: making a lot of typing errors so i need to make a move now.

bye gudnite.


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